Little Learners Toddlers

Babies become toddlers very quickly. Their early stages of development have provided them with new found skills that they are now ready to build and consolidate as their learning reaches a new phase.


Our toddler rooms are equipped with toys and resources to support a child’s rapidly developing skills. As toddlers begin to make sense of their world around them they want to explore their environment and discover new and exciting things. Our toddler rooms are designed to care for smaller groups of children in each room. These smaller numbers allow children to feel happy in their environment as they begin to develop their peer group relationships. 


A variety of play equipment supports access to learning opportunities across the whole curriculum. By supporting social interaction and small group activities children play, talk and learn through observation. Consistent key worker support allows the children to feel safe and secure in their setting and inspires learning through both planned and spontaneous activities.


Play activities are both indoors and outdoors and our purpose built outdoor play area allows children an opportunity to begin to flourish. The area is designed so that children’s play can come to full expression. They can run, jump, climb, ride, hide, shout and explore the natural world. To learn about their own physical and emotional capabilities children must push their limits. Our practitioners recognise that outdoor play is fundamental to a child’s development and support a child’s first ‘risk-taking’ experiences.


All this fun can leave your child feeling very worn out! After lunch things slow down a little and toddlers who want a nap will be soothed off to sleep. We understand the importance of a good balance of activity and rest and aim to have a healthy mix of both.


Meal times are relaxed social occasions that help children develop good table manners and healthy eating habits. Key workers sit with the children at mealtimes and help as they learn how to handle cutlery and enjoy new taste experiences.

Children enjoy breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea each day and in the summer this can become the occasional picnic outside.


Your child’s key worker will continue to carry out regular observations to ensure that your child’s learning and development remains focused around their individual interests and needs. These experiences will be recorded in your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ and parents will continue to be invited to share these records.