Little Learners Baby Unit

The two rooms which make up the baby unit form a warm and cosy environment where babies can begin to explore their new world in safety. As your baby grows and develops their day will be filled with activities and opportunities provided through a variety of toys and resources including heuristic play, treasure baskets, exploration, messy play, outdoor play and  walks to the park all interspersed with hugs and cuddles.


Our practitioners are aware that the quickest development of a child’s brain takes place between their birth and the age of five. By providing a variety of learning opportunities key workers are able to support your child’s physical, emotional, social and language development. Along with lots of talking, and adult interaction baby’s day is filled with fun.


Every child is individual and staff within our baby unit recognise parents unique role as their child’s primary care giver. When a parent and baby visit the baby unit for the first time they will be allocated a key worker. The key worker is a qualified practitioner who will liaise closely with you regarding all aspects of your child’s care and development.


A key worker will develop a bond with your baby as they begin to settle into the unit and these stable and trusting relationships will last throughout their nursery life.  As your child moves onto the next room their key worker will continue to support them. Our high staff retention rate means that your child may keep the same key worker for their entire stay at the nursery.


The key worker will be responsible for starting your baby’s portfolio or ‘Learning Journey’. This is a written and pictorial record of your child’s learning achievements throughout their time in the nursery. The planning and assessment for each individual child will be different and parents are closely involved in the portfolio development. We ask you to sign your child’s portfolio every ten weeks to acknowledge your child’s achievements.


No two children are the same and as such each baby’s individual dietary requirements will vary. Our menu’s for the babies are specifically designed to help meet each child’s developing needs. We have two full time chefs who cater for all the children in the nursery and our first class meals have gained us the Trafford ‘Healthy Eating’ award. With the provision of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis babies get lots of opportunities for new taste experiences as they grow and thrive.


It doesn’t matter what stage of weaning your child is at we are able to cater for their individual needs. We pride ourselves on being able to produce a variety of nutritious foods to meet cultural, medical or parental needs.


Key workers will record all aspects of your child’s day on their ‘daily diary’ which they will feed back to you at the end of each day. This will document such things as sleep times, nappy changes, bottle feeds and any other special information we need to share with you.


Practitioners within the baby unit enjoy the convenience of having direct access to their own bathroom for nappy changes. The carefully designed unit also provides a small kitchen for bottle feed preparation and a laundry. A separate sleep room allows babies to follow their own sleep routine and settle for a nap whenever they need one.